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Jackalope Lounge

Cheap drinks & optimum people-watching



For optimum people-watching, I suggest a bar that prides itself in cheap drinks, good bar grub and a clientele that changes by the minute. On May 26, I ended up at Jackalope Lounge (372 S. State) for a couple of hours and, for some strange reason, I was hanging out with a Disco Stu doppelg√ɬ§nger, a crew of wasted Armenians, a dude in a bike helmet and a metal band that could have been Good Charlotte. This bar is like a cozy bag of weird, and that’s what makes it so darned special. Not to mention there’s local legend DJ J2 spinning funk and hip-hop every Saturday. With $3 Jager and $2 Jim Beam shots and $1 High Life longnecks, there truly is never a dull moment at this downtown joint.


The Bang Bros.
Ron Rico, Byron Insanity, Johnny Walker and X-Rated Vodka of Liberty Lush


A literal safety dance.
Nick Faulkner


Have you tasted this air? It’s amazing.
Nicole Karfakis, Becky Burke


It’s not a beard; it’s a pheromone bazooka.
Meggin Browning, Spencer Herrera, Dakota Julien

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