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Vinyl pushers on State Street



Historically, Friday and Saturdays have always been The Jackalope Lounge’s (372 S. State, 801-359-8054) heavy-hitter evenings. But a couple of weeks ago, State Street’s favorite duck-in added Matty Mo Mondays to the lineup. As we all know, it’s hard out here for pimp (especially on a Monday), so, thankfully, DJ Matty Mo and Jackalope have teamed up for some relief. If you’re unfamiliar with Matty Mo, the guy has been one of my favorite DJs for years—he’s one of the few vinyl pushers who can maneuver between house and hip-hop with little to no effort. Plus, he was selecting Juicy J tracks long before Hustle & Flow won an Oscar. While you twerk, be sure to take advantage of Jackalope’s $3 Beam, Jager and Fireball shots. And, of course, don’t forget about the trusty $2 Miller High Life bottles and $2 Ancient Age shots. (Photos from Feb. 8)


She sparkles in the sun.
Tracey Benedict, Azure Gray


Mama Beatz tested, Mama Beatz approved.
Mame Wallace, Justin Thompson


Never corner a wild poncho.
Whitney Maze, Tyler Tomasi


First step, Shots in the Dark. Second Step, Yoplait Commercial.
Emily Martinez, Angelique Gordon, Jasmine Gordon, Mickey Engle

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