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James Blonde: Agent 7-11 in Casino Real

Thursday, June 11-Saturday, Aug. 22



The world is in imminent peril. What we need now is a suave, debonair secret agent who looks smashing in a dinner jacket, one with a license to kill both megalomaniacal villains and the ladies. And perhaps also a sexy partner named Felicity Buttondown.

In the grand tradition of Desert Star Theatre’s broad and lively genre parodies comes this homage to the legendary James Bond franchise, casting Ed Farnsworth as James Blonde, Agent 7-11. It seems that the sinister Dr. Gluteus Maximus is on the verge of initiating a cunning plan to take over the world, and British Espionage and Tactical Service: Yippee! (aka BETSY) only knows one man to take the case. The information is for his eyes only, and he comes from Murray, with love. He can be shaken, but not stirred. Nobody does it better. Er, you get the picture.

James Blonde: Agent 7-11 in Casino Real @ Desert Star Theatre, 4861 S. State, Murray, 801-266-2600, June 11–Aug. 22. DesertStar.biz

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