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Jason Chaffetz, Busybody



Washington, D.C., recently recognized same-sex marriages as legal. The Utah Log Cabin Republicans applaud city leaders for this recognition of all marriages performed anywhere in the country. However, Washington D.C. does not have its own separate state constitution, but functions under the auspices of the U.S. Constitution, which declares that “all men are created equal” and, thus, are entitled to all of the same rights and privileges. The D.C. City Council, in recognizing same-sex marriages, has taken a very positive step in bringing true equality to all U.S. citizens living there.

But for some incomprehensible reason, Utah’s Republican freshman Rep. Jason Chaffetz has decided to spend his time meddling in local government affairs. There are far more important issues for Chaffetz to be dealing with, such as balancing our national budget, fixing our health-care system, and providing for our national defense. We applaud Chaffetz for investigating why federal employees get huge raises and protecting our Second Amendment rights but trying to stop a city ordinance is not how we, his constituents, want him spending his time.

We strongly suggest that Chaffetz tend the issues we sent him to Washington for and stop trying to force others to adhere to his misguided interpretation of a real marriage—the legal recognition of a contract between two consenting adults to join their love and their property into one household.

Melvin Nimer
Utah Log Cabin Republicans president
Salt Lake City