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Jerry Hardesty: Reflections

Friday 1.15



There is always the question, once an artist begins to amass a sizeable number of works, of the relationship of the individual work to the portfolio as a whole. Local abstract painter Jerry Hardesty, in just several years, has accumulated works using collage as well as oils and acrylics that take interesting views on geometrical, color-based abstraction. The tension between the freedom of abstract expressionism and the limitations of geometric abstracts plays out in intriguing ways.

His recent show at Art at the Main in Library Square featured singular works each seeming to arise out of its own inspiration, its own birth. His new collection, Reflections, is a series of paintings that comprises a mosaic, each reflecting on the other thematically with geometrical similarities and across the color spectrum, in addition to larger pieces with paint and collage. It’s a new facet of an artist who has added a novel vision to the local art scene.

Jerry Hardesty: Reflections @ Beans & Brews, 268 S. State, 801-328-4148. Jan. 15-Feb. 17, artist reception Jan. 15, 6–9 p.m.

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