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Jim Knows It's Bad Legislation


Before you get your panties in a wad, I and most everyone I know agree that health care needs reform. How and who should do it is the question.

Having the government do it is like realizing you have a rat problem so you let in poisonous snakes to take care of it. The rat problem is gone but now you have a worse problem.

I have spent months trying to find one problem the government has solved or made better, with no luck. We can’t trust the government with anything.

There is little difference between the parties. One is Tax and Spend and the other is Spend. Both are bankrupting this country.

It is refreshing that a representative has the courage and fortitude to vote according to the desire of the majority of his district. Considering the bribery, extortion, back-room deals, threats, payouts and buy-offs going on in Washington, D.C., it is amazing that Rep. Jim Matheson and a dozen other Democrats recognized the health-care bill for what it was: bad legislation.

I wonder if the people in the 2nd District realized the truly courageous representative they have working for them. I want to thank Matheson for doing the right thing-—even if no one else thinks so.

Rick Taylor