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Jon Huntsman 2012

8 presidential campaign slogans



Eight campaign slogans being floated for Jon Huntsman’s presidential run:

8. “Huntsman 2012: You’ll Believe in a White Billionaire Republican Again”

7. “It’s Morning in America. Sunday Morning, to Be Exact”

6. “Only One Mormon Candidate Can Get You Tickets to That Broadway Show”

5. “Ready, Willing and Able to Flip on Immigration, Abortion and the Gay Thing”

4. “Attention Television Viewers: This is Not a Centrum Silver Commercial”

3. “Not a Xenophobic Nutjob (But Willing to Choose One as a Running Mate)”

2. “More Qualified to Negotiate America’s Surrender to China Than Any Other Candidate”

1. “I Got More Booze Into Utah—Imagine What I Can Do For a Free Country”

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