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July One Fun & The Club List

Time to check out which of your favorite clubs are making the switch. Bring your ID.



To appreciate what the new liquor law means to Utah, take a look at Squatters, the restaurant and brewpub on 300 South in downtown Salt Lake City.

Before July 1, Squatters was a restaurant. At least, parts of it were. Another part—the parts that looked like a bar—was a tavern, aka a beer bar. Squatters’ patrons could drink beer at the bar. Some beer, that is. From their barstools, they could watch special beers with higher-than-3.2 percent alcohol being manufactured through glass directly behind the bar counter at the on-site brewery. But if they wanted to drink one of those strong beers, they had to be sitting at a table in the restaurant portion of the building. And they had to be eating food.

Inevitably, one of the would-be Squatters’ diners seated at the bar while waiting for a table would want a glass of wine and servers would have to launch into a lengthy explanation about how that was impossible unless they were seated 3 feet away in a different part of the building.

“I always said the less you knew about Utah liquor law, the easier it was to understand,” says Joe Lambert, a partner in Squatters, which is located in a tourist-heavy area near the Salt Palace. “It can be so confusing that, as you would try to explain it, people would just throw up their hands and say, ‘Can I get a drink or not?’ We had people just walk out.”

That all went away July 1 when Squatters turned in its old licenses and became a “dining club.” The restaurant applied for a club license in anticipation of the new liquor law. Under the old system, becoming a club would have meant requiring memberships and risking being even more off-putting to tourists. Under the new law in which clubs are public, Lambert says the switch makes Squatters “more like the real world. It’s going to be so much easier for our guests to understand.”

In addition to being able to order whatever you’d like to drink, wherever you are in Squatters, the new licensing will allow Squatters to sell high-alcohol beer in jugs out the front door. It plans the first release, an Octoberfest, for September 1. You can even sit down to Sunday brunch at Squatters and order a Bloody Mary before noon.

Not that Squatters would encourage it, says Jenny Talley, Squatters brewmaster, but, “You’ll be able to come in, have a shot of tequila, then go to church on Sunday.” Remember, though, you can only order drinks on Sunday mornings at bars, not restaurants (where you still need to wait till noon to order a drink).
Under Utah’s new liquor laws, the state is no longer in the private-club business. At midnight July 1, as if the fairy godmother had waived her wand, Utah’s “private clubs” automatically became public places. Likewise with so-called “dining clubs” such as the New Yorker. Never again will state alcohol inspectors ask to see the establishments’ books of members. Gone is the state-imposed minimum $4 “membership fee.” The state of Utah doesn’t care anymore.

However, recognizing that some club owners liked the old system—whether because of the extra revenue from membership fees or because “members-only” was a ready excuse to keep out troublemakers—the Utah Legislature has left open the option for clubs to restrict entrance to those who are “on a list and/or pay a fee.” In the new post-private club era, the rules of membership are up individual club owners. (Fraternal clubs, like the Elks or Moose, and “equity clubs,” like golf clubs, are not impacted by the new liquor law. Both will continue to operate as private entities.)

Below is a list of clubs going “public” after July 1 followed by those that will remain a members-only system. Those who have opted not to change offered varying reasons, such as wanting to be able to offer patrons an exclusive experience. A few worried that hanging up the “public” sign could attract unsavory characters. One club located inside of a hotel wanted to make sure hotel guests got a seat at the bar. Others wanted to see how the new liquor law worked before making changes. Many more said they hadn’t yet made up their minds, or didn’t understand the law.

And while we attempted to contact every DABC club licensee prior to our deadline, not every club returned our calls. Thus, not every club is listed, and information below is subject to change.

(Club listings information compiled by Jamie Gadette)

Going Public (No Membership Required)

Clubs Address City Phone
5 MONKEYS 4800 S. 7 East MURRAY 801-266-1885
A BAR NAMED SUE 3928 S. Highland Dr SALT LAKE CITY 801-274-5578
ABYSS 1390 W. North Temple SALT LAKE CITY 801-521-8500
AERIE LOUNGE Snowbird Resort SNOWBIRD 801-933-2160
AREA 51 348 W. 500 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-534-0819
BARBARY COAST 4242 S. State MURRAY 801-265-9889
BATTER'S UP 1717 S. Main SALT LAKE CITY 801-463-4996
BAYOU 645 S. State SALT LAKE CITY 801-961-8400
BLISS 404 S. West Temple SALT LAKE CITY 801-363-3734
BONGO 2965 Highland Dr SALT LAKE CITY 801-466-1577
BURT'S TIKI LOUNGE 726 S. State SALT LAKE CITY 801-521-0572
CANYON INN 3700 E 7000 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-942-9801
CAROL'S COVE II 3424 S. State SOUTH SALT LAKE CITY 801-466-2683
CELL BLOCK 1051 S. 300 West SALT LAKE CITY 801-521-0929
CHEERS TO YOU 315 S. Main SALT LAKE CITY 801-575-6400
CHUCKLE'S LOUNGE 221 W. 900 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-532-9810
CLOUSEAU'S Embassy Suites 110 W. 600 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-359-7800
CLUB 114 5151 Wiley Post Way SALT LAKE CITY 801-539-1515
CLUB 48 16 W. 4800 South MURRAY 801-262-7555
CLUB 90 9065 S. 150 West SANDY 801-566-3254
CLUB ALLURE 8925 S. 255 West SANDY 801-255-2078
CLUB BAMBARA 15 W. 200 South SALT LAKE CITY 860-363-5454
CLUB EDGE 615 N. 400 West SALT LAKE CITY 801-913-9422
CLUB TUSCANY 2832 E. 6200 South HOLLADAY 801-277-9919
CLUB VEGAS 445 S. 400 West SALT LAKE CITY 801-360-0841
COPPER CANYON TAVERN 215 W. South Temple SALT LAKE CITY 801-531-7500
COPPER KING I 9071 W. 2700 South MAGNA 801-252-1226
CRUZRS SALOON 3943 Highland Dr HOLLIDAY 801-272-1903
D.J.'S PRIVATE CLUB 3849 W. 5400 South TAYLORSVILLE 801-964-8575
DAVID'S 2324 S. Redwood Rd WEST VALLEY CITY 801-972-9688
DESTINATIONS SLC Marriott 75 S. West Temple SALT LAKE CITY 801-531-0800
DONKEY TAILS CANTINA 136 E. 12300 South DRAPER 801-571-8134
DONOVAN'S STEAK & CHOP HOUSE 134 W. Pierpont Ave SALT LAKE CITY 801-359-4464
DUCES WILD 2750 S. 300 West SOUTH SALT LAKE 801-467-4600
EL CHANATE CANTINA Snowbird Resort SNOWBIRD 801-933-2025
FIDDLERS ELBOW 1063 E. 2100 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-463-9393
FILLING STATION 8987 W. 2700 South MAGNA 801-250-1970
FIRST PRESS 150 W. 500 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-323-7576
FRANKIE & JOHNNIE'S BAR & GRILL #3 W. 4800 South MURRAY 801-263-0072
GIBSON GIRL LOUNGE Grand America 555 S. Main SALT LAKE CITY 801-258-6000
GINO'S 3556 S. State SOUTH SALT LAKE 801-268-1811
GOOD SPIRITS 999 W. 3300 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-263-0411
GRACIE'S 326 S. West Temple SALT LAKE CITY 801-819-7565
GRANITE CLUB 3820 Highland Dr SALT LAKE CITY 801-277-9018
GREEN STREET 610 Trolley Square SALT LAKE CITY 801-532-5108
HAMPTON INN & SUITES 307 N. Admiral Blvd SALT LAKE CITY 801-530-0088
HIGHLANDER CLUB 6194 Highland Dr SALT LAKE CITY 801-277-8251
HILTON GARDEN INN 250 W. 600 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-521-2930
HOG WALLOW PUB 3200 Big Cottonwood Cyn SALT LAKE CITY 801-733-5567
HOTEL 155 W. 200 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-478-4310
HUDDLE SPORTS BAR 2400 E. Fort Union Blvd SALT LAKE CITY 801-438-8300
HUKA BAR & GRILL 151 E. 6100 South MURRAY 801-281-9665
JOHNNY'S ON SECOND 165 E. 200 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-746-3334
JUNIORS TAVERN 30 E. Broadway SALT LAKE CITY 801-322-0318
KEYS ON MAIN 242 S. Main SALT LAKE CITY 801-363-3638
KRISTAUF'S 16 W. Market St SALT LAKE CITY 801-366-9490
LEPRECHAUN INN 4700 S. 900 East MURRAY 801-268-3294
LIQUID JOE'S 1249 E. 3300 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-467-8512
LODGE BISTRO LOUNGE Snowbird Resort SNOWBIRD 801-933-2145
LOFTE'S 2106 W. North Temple SALT LAKE CITY 801-741-1188
LUCKY 13 135 W. 1300 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-487-4418
LUMPYS 3000 Highland Dr SALT LAKE CITY 801-484-5597
LUMPYS DOWNTOWN 145 W. Pierpont Ave SALT LAKE CITY 801-938-3070
MAGGIE MCGEE'S 6253 Highland Dr SALT LAKE CITY 801-273-9899
MANNY'S TOO 1704 S. Main SALT LAKE CITY 801-467-6289
MARKET STREET OYSTER BAR 10702 Riverfront Pkwy SOUTH JORDAN 801-302-2262
MARKET STREET OYSTER BAR 2985 E. Cottonwood Pkwy SALT LAKE CITY 801-942-8870
MIXED EMOTIONS 1030 S. State SALT LAKE CITY 801-355-8055
MOLLY GREENS PUB Brighton Ski Resort BRIGHTON 801-532-4731
MURPHY'S BAR & GRILL 160 S. Main SALT LAKE CITY 801-359-7271
NEW YORKER 60 Market St SALT LAKE CITY 801-363-0166
ON THE ROCKS 5400 S. 6200 West WEST VALLEY CITY 801-988-8800
ORANGE 533 S. 500 West SALT LAKE CITY 801-433-3358
OSCARS SOCIAL CLUB 8136 S. State MIDVALE 801-566-3399
O'SHUCKS 22 E. 100 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-596-8600
PETE'S BEARS DEN 8785 W. 2700 South MAGNA 801-250-6616
PINKY'S 4141 S. State MURRAY 801-261-3463
PIPER DOWN 1492 S. State SALT LAKE CITY 801-468-1492
POINT AFTER 5445 S. 900 East MURRAY 801-266-9552
POPLAR ST. PUB 242 S. 200 West SALT LAKE CITY 801-532-2715
REPUBLICAN 917 S. State SALT LAKE CITY 801-595-1916
SAINTS & SINNERS 3040 S. State SALT LAKE CITY 801-604-0869

SANDPIPER 4002 Highland Dr SALT LAKE CITY 801-278-5100
SOUTH SHORE 2827 S. State SOUTH SALT LAKE 801-483-9167
SPENCER'S 255 S. West Temple SALT LAKE CITY 801-238-4748
SQUATTER'S PUB 147 W. Broadway SALT LAKE CITY 801-363-2739
TAP ROOM 2275 S. Highland Dr SALT LAKE CITY 801-466-0974
THE DEPOT 400 W. South Temple SALT LAKE CITY 801-355-5522
THE PUCK 3396 Decker Lake Dr WEST VALLEY CITY 801-975-7825
THE STADIUM #4 S Rio Grande St SALT LAKE CITY 801-456-1200
THE TAVERNACLE 201 E. 300 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-519-8900
THE WOODSHED 60 E. 800 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-364-0805
TIME OUT SPORTS BAR & GRILL 1754 W. 3500 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-973-4115
TONY'S 3165 S. 1300 East SALT LAKE CITY 801-466-0838
TOTEM'S 538 S. Redwood Rd SALT LAKE CITY 801-975-0401
TRADE WINDS LOUNGE 8000 S. State MIDVALE 801-562-1775
TRAILS 921 S. 300 West SALT LAKE CITY 801-363-2871
TRAM CLUB Snowbird Resort SNOWBIRD 801-742-1008
TRAPP 102 S. 600 West SALT LAKE CITY 801-531-8727
TWILITE LOUNGE 347 E. 200 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-532-9400
UNCLE BART'S 837 S. Main SALT LAKE CITY 801-532-9068
URBAN LOUNGE 241 S. 500 East SALT LAKE CITY 801-746-0557
W LOUNGE 358 S. West Temple SALT LAKE CITY 801-359-0637
WESTERNER CLUB 3360 S. Redwood Rd WEST VALLEY CITY 801-972-5447
WILDFLOWER LOUNGE Snowbird Resort SNOWBIRD 801-933-2230
X-WIFE'S PLACE 465 S. 700 East SALT LAKE CITY 801-532-1954

Staying Private

Private Clubs Address City Phone
ALTA PERUVIAN BAR Alta Lodge ALTA 801-742-3000
CIRCLE LOUNGE 328 S. State SALT LAKE CITY 801-531-5400
CLUB SOUND 579 W. 200 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-328-0256
CLUB TRY-ANGLES 251 W. 900 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-364-3203
DUFFY'S TAVERN 932 S. Main SALT LAKE CITY 801-355-6401
EXECUTIVES CLUB EnergySolutions Arena
301 W. South Temple
SALT LAKE CITY 801-325-2000
HABITS 832 E. 3900 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-268-2228
REDWOOD LOUNGE 502 S. Redwood Rd SALT LAKE CITY 801-972-9822
SEVEN SUMMITS CLUB Snowbird Resort SNOWBIRD 801-933-2222
Alta Lodge ALTA 801-742-3500
SKY BAR Red Lion 161 W. 600 South SALT LAKE CITY 801-530-1313
TOMMY'S LOUNGE 161 S. Pueblo St SALT LAKE CITY 801-641-0290