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Keep a Mexican



I have looked for Ask a Mexican several times and wondered what had happened. Today, I read in the Letters section that you are considering not printing Ask a Mexican. Please return this column to your newspaper!

My husband and I read City Weekly every week, and I look forward to Ask a Mexican because it changed my life. Several years ago while I was teaching school, I began using Ask a Mexican in the classroom. I would read aloud the question (I edited some words) and his response. We used the articles to discuss culture, prejudice, myths, customs, manners and many other topics. With many Hispanic students in my classes, I used the column for discussions and writing. The other students in my classes began to understand, as I began to understand, the culture of our Latino students.

Using information in the column, I changed how I taught students. I added more stories of Hispanic children. I added a wonderful novel, Esperanza Rising, by Pam Munoz Ryan. I brought in samples of Abuelita (hot chocolate) and other foods. I talked about quinceañeras.

I looked forward each week to the column. I didn’t use every column and used discretion, but I learned Gustavo Arellano is a talented writer. He makes me think. Articles in City Weekly make me think, so this column is a perfect fit. Please consider keeping his column in your newspaper.

Pam Carson
Salt Lake City