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Keep Digging

Also: Arizona A-OK, On the Market


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Keep Digging
Michael Kearns, formerly of Salt Lake Tribune fame, made a point on Facebook of trashing the Deseret News for its front-page coverage and subsequent editorial on the perils of the children of same-sex couples. Yeah, you didn’t read this in the Trib. Still, the research by Mark Regenerus of the University of Texas at Austin offers some compelling challenges—mainly, to not ignore conclusions you don’t like and press on to find the reasons. The study, in part funded by conservative groups, found that young-adult children of same-sex couples experienced lower income, poorer mental and physical health and more troubled romantic relationships than kids from intact heterosexual couples. The common wisdom is that there’s no difference, or even that those kids fare better. And the bottom line is that conclusions influence political solutions. In that case, it makes sense to dig further. Dispute, refute, discuss.

Arizona A-OK
Speaking of surveys, what’s the deal with the American public, who wholeheartedly agrees with Arizona’s draconian immigration law? Well, we know the Obama administration doesn’t like it—they’re challenging it in the Supreme Court. But a new CBS/New York Times poll shows that a clear majority of Americans back Arizona, which lets police officers stop and check immigration status for anyone they “reasonably” suspect of being illegal. The whole thing is complicated by the states’-rights issue and the debatable statistics on what illegal immigration costs America. And then there’s the “profiling” question, which won’t be addressed by the high court. Still, it looks like the public is OK with that, even if it is a touch racist.

On the Market
Only a quarter of the 7,100 farmers markets in the nation accept food stamps, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But hey, Salt Lake City’s has taken them for five years, and now Park City’s Park Silly Sunday Market has decided to accept them, too. “Every month there is roughly $35 million spent in food stamps spent in this state,” Utahns Against Hunger’s Gina Cornia told The Park Record. “Why wouldn’t a farmers market want to give their vendors to that market?” But the bigger question is why more qualified recipients aren’t taking advantage of this offer. Stigma? Price? While the number of households using food stamps is increasing, Cornia thinks the program is still underused. Maybe Walmart’s processed foods are cheaper, but they’re not the healthy choice you get from a farmers market.

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