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Keeping Currency

Nine faces we'd like to see on currency:

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1. Kim Kardashian: the zero dollar bill to commemorate something that has no value to the United States.
2. Snoop Dogg: $420 dollar bill to commemorate being a little too obvious in public.
3. Beyoncé: $1 dollar bill to commemorate all the single ladies.
4. Maggie Smith: $69 bill to commemorate her adorable blushing when she googles what the deal is with the number.
5. William Henry Harrison: $31 bill to commemorate every day of the shortest presidency in history.
6. Elder Price: the $1/10 Bill, by popular demand from The Book of Mormon.
7. Blank head: $45 bill to commemorate how confused everyone is with this election cycle for the 45th President of the United States.
8. Prince: the dollar amount formerly known as $5, to commemorate that one time he painted a house purple.
9. 50 Cent: $2 bill to celebrate the release of his fourth album.