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Kenny Riches: I Wish Things Were Different

Nov. 20–30



A kind of artistic circle is completed but another one opened with Kenny Riches’ exhibit at Kayo Gallery. Riches started Kayo Gallery in 2005. He sold the gallery in 2008 to Shilo Jackson, and this show marks his first return to display his work there.

Riches’ new works play with images of regret and loss in the context of portraits—both family and self—in an ironic style influenced by editorial cartoons and political iconography yet in a context that’s much more personal. But you have to wonder at the title of the exhibit and read some probable irony into it, as well. Certainly, Riches has some regret at selling Kayo but also satisfaction at being able to grow his own work in the meantime. He can also take pride in what Jackson and co-owner Davina Pallone have done with his baby—that his vision of optimism for the local art scene has become one of the most progressive and adventurous art spaces in the city.

Considerations of alternate lives or circumstances are rendered in more than one medium here. In addition to Riches’ new paintings (“I’ll Say I Knew You When” is pictured), the show will feature “Cut-Offs,“ a series of collaborative video works with TJ Nelson. Proceeds from the art and videos sold benefit the production of Riches’ first feature-length film, which he plans to start shooting next summer.

Kenny Riches: I Wish Things Were Different @ Kayo Gallery, 177 E. Broadway 801-532-0080, Nov. 20–30.

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