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Kiddie Kops

8 clues that a police-dispatched teenage CUB (Covert Underage Buyer) is in your bar



8. He hands out business cards that say, "Ask me about my affordable entrapment services."

7. She asks for her favorite drink, "An alcohol with two umbrellas, please."

6. The name on his driver license is "Blaze Rambo Grownup, Esq."

5. She requests that the bartender change the TV channel from basketball to "like, Netflix or something."

4. His strap-on beard keeps getting caught in his retainer.

3. She's perplexed by the presence of a live band: "Why are those old guys making noise?"

2. He says, "Give me a craft beer, like a Shock Top—and don't skimp on the orange slices."

1. She remarks, "This is a nice bar. Too bad it'll be shut down before I turn 21."