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Kopecky Family Band

Nashville indie-rock band invigorated by creative spurt



After two years of touring behind their 2012 release, Kids Raising Kids, Nashville-based indie-rock darlings Kopecky Family Band are ready to move on—hence their aptly titled tour Putting the Kids to Bed. But this is more than just a clever play on words; it signals that something new is on the horizon for fans of the band.

And singer Kelsey Kopecky, for one, is stoked. "We just spent the entire month of August in the studio recording our next record, so we're excited," she says. "It'll be out next spring."

Kopecky Family Band has had a penchant for writing and recording on the road in the past, and their albums have tended to be strung together by a narrative thread that is not so much characterized by a specific subject as it is a series of things that happened on the road. Simply being in one place long enough to make an album proved miraculous for them; not having to work everything out on tour, doing here-and-there recording sessions or praying for the best, did wonders for the band creatively.

"I think, musically, we were coming to rehearsals in a different state of mind, sleeping in our own beds," Kopecky says. "There was a freshness in the room when we all got together. There was something magical about that, and I'm really excited to hear what someone from the outside has to say about that, or if that is apparent to other people."

"Fresh" and "magical" are words that aptly describe both the band's sound and the way they perform. When Kopecky channels a bit of Stevie Nicks on groovy rockers like "Are You Listening?" it's enough to make your head explode. Their live shows are notorious for being high-energy fun, and if you have seen the funny video they released for "Heartbeat"—think a '70s-era rock video by way of a tennis instructional video gone wrong—you know they play their parts with considerable exuberance.

And that sort of verve and excitement has served Kopecky Family Band well as they have begun playing some of the new songs on this tour.

"I'd be lying if I said we weren't smiling the whole time when we're playing a new song, because it's just so fresh," Kopecky says with a laugh. "It's like trying a new food. You love the old food, but you're also like, 'Oh my gosh! What is this new thing? It's so exciting!' So there's this genuine excitement coming from everyone about it."


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