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Lake Effect | Attention, Nice People


As part of a cunning plan to turn the tables on park zombies, who normally scare people away from Pioneer Park, Salt Lake City is encouraging nice things to happen there, in hopes the zombies will themselves be scared away.

Noticing that the area brightens right up every summer Saturday morning due to the popularity of the Downtown Farmers Market, city officials thought, “Hey, why not let’s do that more often?”

Salt Lake Film Center will be screening summer movies at the park, for example, and park hours will be extended till 11 p.m., and, who knows? Perhaps spirited rounds of of bocce ball and genteel ice-cream socials will spontaneously arise. And, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to promenade around Pioneer Park late at night—and, who hasn’t?—this summer might be your best chance.

If it works, perhaps the strategy could be used to solve more of downtown Salt Lake City’s problems. If nice things really do chase away desolation, maybe a Main Street croquet league would help.