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Anarchy in the HK (heavenly kingdom) is becoming the new mantra for a growing community of LDS members who believe the Book of Mormon advocates anarchy, socialism and pacifism among other radical ideologies. Not exactly typical of a religious culture better known for producing CIA agents, pyramid-scheme venture capitalists and Orrin Hatch.

Yet the new bimonthly newspaper The Mormon Worker started by 29-year-old stockbroker William Van Wagenen of Salt Lake City boldly argues the oft-overlooked tenets of LDS scriptures such as the act of consecration and others that promote a more radical outlook than most momos would care to publicly embrace.

Van Wagenen’s anarchical socialist rag is not the only voice in Zion trying to redefine Utah as a “red” state. In fact, it is preceded by the popular LDSAnarchy blog ( which recently welcomed the new publication to the cause and wondered about the growing movement: “Is this the Lord’s hand at work?”

Maybe, maybe not, but radical Mormons everywhere can emerge from the underground and hark to the new, latter-day revolucion!


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