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Lake Effect | Fight On!



, and calling Chris Buttars, please: In all but declaring a regular jihad on Christmas, the Salina and Richfield city councils have officially decided to 86 nativity scenes on city property this holiday season.

The Associated Press reports that both councils took their city attorney’s legal advice to—imagine—keep church and state separate and to take a pass on the crèches. Richfield Mayor Brad Ramsay added the city doesn’t want to impose a personal expression of Christmas on anyone.


Some city residents are downright enraged, because to make matters extra insulting—the manger scenes were part of an Eagle Scout project. An angry Elaine Bonavita, chairwoman of something called the Right to Vote Committee, chastised city leaders for showing a “a lack of Christian courage.”


Coming next year: The uppity feminist Girl Scouts propose a Festivus pole and raucous party on city property, including the traditional Seinfeld-esque “airing of grievances” at people who insist every year on trying to debunk this whole silly First Amendment thing.