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The arrival of the hot-weather white-shoe season has tipster Eric looking forward to Salt Lake City’s summer entertainment lineup—particularly the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival, July 11-13 (

The festival turned out to be one of former Mayor Rocky Anderson’s best ideas, now widely regarded as One of Those Things That Make Salt Lake City Worth Living In.

This year, the going rate for worthwhile things is $10 per day. That will get you in to see Debbie Boone and Sheila E. (whom Eric describes as “Prince’s drummer/beard from a past life”). We dispute the implication that Prince is anything but a formerly omnisexual, talented freak (who now witnesses Jehovah)—but we’re pretty sure the commingling of Boone’s button-down fan base with devotees of E.’s Christian ministry--neither of whom come to mind when we think of “jazz”—was mentioned in Revelation as a sign of the Second Coming of Christ.

Witnessing that has got to be worth a sawbuck.

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