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Lake Effect | Kilomitt: Letterman’s Night of 1,000 Romneys



Willard “Mitt” Romney was 24 when Willard, a movie about an eponymous rat-lovin’ misfit, was playing on the big screen.

Even if the movie had nothing to do with it, you can’t blame Romney for going by something other than his first name (you don’t see many Carries around these days, either). But—here’s the real puzzler—where did “Mitt” come from? Oven gloves have saved the world a lot of scorched fingers, but we don’t know of any parents who name their kids after handy kitchen implements (or athletic gear, for that matter).

We’re out of the child-rearing loop, though. So, if your name is Mitt, or you know somebody by that name, you’re probably dying for a chance to meet others of that ilk—and you’re in luck.

This promo has been running on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman: “Hey, is your name ‘Mitt’? Then The Late Show wants you to be part of our ‘Night of a Thousand Mitts.’ Just send a 3x5 card to: ‘Hey, I’m Mitt c/o The Late Show, 1697 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. Good luck, and get Mitting!’”