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Lake Effect | Oh, That Bob Springmeyer



According to Bob Springmeyer’s Facebook profile, he is 65, married, likes bobsledding and canoeing, seems photogenic in a likeable and jovial way and has been fortunate enough to visit Japan.

Springmeyer also has more than 900 Facebook friends, including at least one (I admit, it was me) who, until this week, didn’t bother to navigate to his profile page and scroll down far enough to discover that he, actually, is the Bob Springmeyer who is Utah’s 2008 Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

Now, right away, I felt the giddy thrill of discovering I was unwittingly in the virtual company of luminaries. But am I the only one who thinks this little tidbit of information, the one about his candidacy, buried between a Gandhi quote and an academic summary, might better be placed near the top?

Politics is a name-recognition game, after all, how many more like me are there in cyberspace who, while clicking haphazardly on “add friend” links, are clueless enough to imagine there might be two Bob Springmeyers on Facebook?

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