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The California Supreme Court’s decision to strike down an anti-marriage law that discriminated against gays and lesbians sent ripples throughout the homophobic community—particularly in Utah, the origin of lots of those tax-free dollars spent by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2001 in order to get the failed, unconstitutional law enacted.

Within hours of the court’s announcement, Utah’s daily newspapers’ message boards filled up with the usual anti-gay/pro-gay babble. Interestingly, the most horrifying, send-the-queers-to-the-gas-chambers bigoted statements appeared on The Salt Lake Tribune’s site, with the Deseret News’ site apparently frequented only by the somewhat unhinged. (Of course, the D-News board may be more moderate because it’s more moderated.)

How did the Provo Daily Herald fare? Its message board included the highest proportion of gay-supportive message of the three dailies. Many Utah County residents seemed much more concerned about their own undeserved reputation for homophobia than they were about gays and lesbians having equal rights.

Perhaps I’ve misjudged them.

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