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Lake Effect | Swimming Poo(l) Update


With warm weather just around the corner, the Utah Department of Health is doing all it can to prevent a repeat of last year’s pool-borne cryptosporidiosis outbreak. The department’s April 15 press release announcing proposed changes to pool rules ought to do the trick—if only because few who read the release will ever go anywhere near a public swimming pool again.

Now, the majority of parents wouldn’t dream of changing a baby’s diaper at poolside or forgetting to wash a kid thoroughly before putting him or her back in the water. But the fact that we must be told by the government not to do such things means that there are a few among us who cannot be trusted to, say, not go swimming for two weeks after recovering from a case of the squitters. If these scatophiles cannot be spotted on sight, then perhaps we need to identify and tag them for shunning purposes.

The state is accepting public comment for 30 days. Personally, I’ll be happy if I never have to hear the term “swim diaper” ever again.