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In today’s business world, there are so many techniques management can use to improve productivity and morale. The old “work or get fired” ethic is still in effect, but profit-sharing programs and casual Fridays are old hat. (Personally, I’ve been enjoying Mad Men Mondays at City Weekly, when we’re encouraged to dress up in natty skirts or three-button suits while we drink, smoke, have unsatisfying office sex and badmouth each other mercilessly.)

Seems a Provo-based company named Prosper, Inc. is promoting the next wave of employee motivation: torture.

According to a lawsuit filed by Chad Hudgens, he was waterboarded by a supervisor. (Apparently, Hudgens’ desperate fight for air was supposed to give him a taste of how desperately he should be fighting for new sales.)

The lawsuit was dismissed for technical reasons but is expected to be re-filed as a worker’s compensation claim. In the meantime, if you’re approached by any salespeople who appear to be gasping for breath, you might as well just hand over your wallet.

They won’t be taking “no” for an answer.

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