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Lake Effect | You Pagan, You



Just in case you were wondering whose side you were on in the War on Christmas, I offer this simple test: Did you decorate a tree this year? Hang mistletoe? Place a wreath at your door?


Then you’re part of “the problem”—the problem, that is, as defined by hotheads like Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, and creepy, falafel-loving Fox News guy Bill O’Reilly. This problem is exemplified by anybody who celebrates a holiday other than Christmas during the month of December—or acknowledges the fact that many people actually do.


The use of evergreen plants as decoration during this wonderful time of year is a clear endorsement of pre-Christian European pagan festivals—during which nobody ever dreamed of uttering the words “Merry Christmas.”


Oh, you think it’s a beautiful, meaningful and fun tradition? Well, so do I. Glad we can agree on that.


And Happy Holidays to you, too.