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LDS critics have been silenced? Who?



I missed John Saltas’ April Fool’s joke [“End of an Era,” April 1, City Weekly], but I want to comment on Saltas’ “No Foolin’: We Love You,” [April 15, City Weekly]. He said: “But recent events, like the LDS Church buying up large swaths of Salt Lake City, the fact that it is seen as being protective of its own while silencing its critics, and all the bad news about the daily newspaper industry; created the perfect prank storm.”

Now, John ... name one critic of the LDS Church who has been silenced (crickets chirping)?

I’m not sure if you are aware, but there was a time when the LDS Church owned the whole confounded Salt Lake Valley. In my opinion, they should have kept it. That way, it might have encouraged people like D.P. Sorensen and others of like ilk to move somewhere else.

Ken Thomas
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