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Legal Spice vs. Prohibition


Attorney Jerry Salcido argues that, for all its potential faults, the legal marijuana-like substance spice should not be banned [see “Prohibition on the March,” Oct. 26,].

Online commenter Mel wrote that spice should be banned due to health risks and as a way to motivate people to agitate for legal marijuana.

“If spice is to be made illegal, it should be done because we don’t know if it’s poison or not,” Mel wrote. “I’m for the legislation against spice if only to spur potheads into working harder to make the real deal, marijuana, legal in Utah.”

Ray Winn agreed spice should be banned for health reasons, but that legislators need to slow down and wait for evidence.

“I would support a legislative action (i.e. ban or restriction on sales) if a thorough medical-research program were completed,” Ray Winn wrote. “Our legislators make too many decisions without a thorough study of all the implications.”

But if prohibition fails to stop consumption, does a ban make matters worse?

“If teens and college students want to get high, they will find a way,” wrote Truth. “At least they are trying to find a legal way to get high. … We need to quit wasting our tax dollars and making perfectly good citizens into criminals.”

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