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Legalize Immigration


Some Utah Republican legislators are calling for a fix to immigration issues that centers largely on documenting immigrant workers on the state level, rather than focusing exclusively on courts, jails and deportations [see “Fixing Legal Immigration,” Sept. 16, City Weekly].

Commenters were mostly skeptical that immigrants should be allowed in. “This is about national self-preservationism,” wrote patrick, “and in the best interest of We the United States of America.”

Estephany said she’s tired of people making presumptions about immigrants. “I pay taxes. I can’t get Medicaid or food stamps or any help,” she wrote. “The government takes so much money out of my paycheck.”

Dubya responded that immigrants can apply for government welfare benefits—if they conceal their true income.

“I agree the employers should have to e-verify all their workers,” wrote Dubya. “It’s easy to do, and free. They don’t want legal citizen workers because then they would have to put them on the books and pay them a decent wage.”

It seems to Rant Control that anti-immigrant forces often claim they are not against immigrants as people, they just want law and order. Then, someone suggests changing the law to create more order and critics continue to balk anyway. Why?