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Lent @ Aristo's, Food Art @ Kayo & WhereIsMyMilkFrom.com


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Lent @ Aristo’s 
Over at Aristo’s Greek Restaurant and Cafe, in addition to the regular menu of authentic Greek offerings, Aristo Boutsikakis and his crew are featuring a special Lenten menu, which runs through April 3. Boutsikakis explains, “This year’s menu is not too drastic in changes from our daily menu, being that we carried over many dishes from the previous year’s Lent menu onto our regular daily menu. We did, however, add sartheles, aginares latholemono, biselia me patates, fasolakia, bakaliaros, sauteed shrimp and scallops over Israeli couscous, and halva, as well as consolidating all everyday items that are Lent-friendly onto one menu.” Aristo’s is located at 244 S. 1300 East in Salt Lake City, 801-581-0888.

Modified Food Art
One of the more interesting (and strange) art shows I’ve come across is Laura Besterfeldt’s exhibition of “genetically modified food art” at Kayo Gallery, through March 18. Take for instance, the baby corn cast into sterling silver and then fabricated to be the “corn-horseman.” Or weirder still, a baby pumpkin cast and fabricated to be “pump-octoman-a-pus,” possessing eight man legs with a pumpkin body! Kayo Gallery is located at 177 E. Broadway.

Got Milk?
BYU student Trevor Fitzgerald cares where his milk comes from, and so should you. So, he created an informative Website: WhereIsMyMilkFrom.com. You simply enter a code from your carton of milk and voilá, the consumer can trace the origins of their dairy products to the source. For example, the code (49-70) on my Mountain Dairy 2 percent milk was traced to Smith’s Dairy in Layton. According to Fitzgerald, the site is “accurate and works for any dairy products shipped within the United States (including some from Canada and Puerto Rico).” Pretty slick.

Correction: The owners of Kathmandu restaurant are former owners of Himalayan Kitchen. The March 4 Food Matters stated otherwise.

Quote of the week: Eating an artichoke is like getting to know someone really well. — Willi Hastings


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