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Letters, June 16, 2016

Another false flag in Florida & "Thank the troops for what?"



Another false flag in Florida
Three weeks ago I told my friends I would not be joining them at Gay Pride. Why? Because I predicted a false flag during Pride Month this year. That is when an organization stages a fake, partially real or mostly real event and blames it on another group to start a war or enforce draconian laws on their own people. Hitler destroyed his buildings to start war and to warrant gun control on the Jews so they couldn't defend themselves against him. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a flag to justify Vietnam and, of course, 911 was an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why does Amazon sell books authored by Manson, Stalin and Hitler yet they are banning Nobody Died At Sandy Hook? Written by a professor emeritus at Princeton, co-written by five other PhDs and two school safety experts. It sold 500 copies before being banned and is now a PDF. Why did Sundance employees try to stop people from getting a copy of Sandy Hook: Free Your Mind at this year's festival? I called around to local Barnes and Nobles and even they are selling Mein Kampf! Not Sandy Hook, though.

Events that had drills the same day, same location: Charleston, Boston, 911, San Bernadino, Sandy Hook, Paris and the list goes on. You can still find the manuals.

My brother called me this morning and said I was right. That it looks like a false flag happened at a gay club in Florida to justify more gun control and to pit LGBT and "homophobes" against each other. The police took that kid who shot up the black church to Burger King and bought him lunch before taking him to the station. Why would they do that? And what was Hillary Clinton doing in their town the same day? Clinton is also pictured with Sandy Hook parent Francine Wheeler (her and her husband are actors) long before that event, too. They are all friends with Hillary's gal pal minster Maureen White. I hope that City Weekly readers take a look at a piece titled "42 Admitted False Flag Attacks" on WashingtonsBlog.com for more info.
Anarcho-Queer and Feminist,
Glynis Thurmon
Sugar House

"Thank the troops for what?"
Paul Kleiber ["CW staff dishonors many," Letters, June 2, City Weekly], this isn't your country. It's Indian Land and the United States, Inc. is a foreign principle owned by the Queen of England's Crown corporation. She controls and has amended social security. Go look up IRS document 6209 to see how part of a 1040 was set up as a jubilee tribute to the queen. This corporation and their employees that you claim we should all be sensitive to has done nothing but murder innocent people in 70 sovereign places since its inception as the Virginia Company in 1602. Then, of course, continuing on with its renaming in 1871. Your "founding fathers" were basically an array of male pedophiles, people who thought they owned black people, thought they owned women and thought it was OK to kill 75 million people who were already here. Who would listen to them anyway? I'll listen to myself and nobody else, thanks, though. District of Columbia is a foreign state set up by the Columbians; a group of freemasons who own Columbia Broadcasting System and Columbia University. New York was named after their York Rite freemasonry bologna. No "veteran" has fought for anyone but their company for centuries. Where have you been? Perhaps you should watch Larken Rose's video, "Thank the troops for what?" Anyone who signs a contract with them to go kill people when they don't have a right to deserves no sympathy, respect or sensitivity.

And for all the other City Weekly readers writing in to complain about who should or should not be the CEO of this warmongering company; why do you care? Anybody who runs for office of their corporation is a traitor to the original Republic and more importantly the indigenous people whose land this is. I don't care whether you are talking about Hillary, Trump, Sanders or Gary Johnson, they all need to get a clue. Nobody has a right to rule anybody else.
Sally Golden
Cottonwood Heights