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Letters, March 10, 2016

Mueller Park Trail, Hard to Shake Utah, and A Crime Against Humanity


Looking for Mueller Park Trail
In your Feb. 11 issue, there was an article about Bountiful's Mueller Park Trail ["Trail Mix," City Weekly]. I hike weekly in the three canyons east of Salt Lake City, but this trail sounds like a pleasant option.

I would appreciate driving directions to reach the trailhead.
Pete Schwager
Salt Lake City

Editor's note: From the U.S. Forest Service's website: From Salt Lake City, take Interstate 15 North to Exit No. 315 (2600 South) in North Salt Lake. Continue east on 2600 South (Orchard Drive) to 1800 South, then east (right) on 1800 South until it enters the Mueller Park Picnic Area. Trail starts across the trail bridge. The author also recommends visiting this website: AllTrails.com/trail/us/utah/mueller-park-trail

It's Hard to Shake Utah
Great piece of writing ["Some Thanks," Private Eye, March 10, City Weekly]. I especially enjoyed the Sen. Mark Madsen angle, and the skullduggery played to win by "the church"—this being simply the latest in a long line I have witnessed over the decades.

You know you can't make this shit up. Don't have to. We live in Utah and experience the absurd day-in and day-out.

My thoughts on living in this state were echoed by several who commented in the Staff Box. I've lived on the East Coast, West Coast, in the big city, small town—always to return.

I just can't shake this state.

Utah is like your first girlfriend: far from perfect—but, oh, Lord, wasn't she sweet and special? Unique, really.
Steve Micklewright
Salt Lake City

A Crime Against Humanity
Many things that are going on in America today show what happens when a nation denies God's word and then follows man's ideas of what is right. The nation becomes morally corrupt.

In Psalm 14:1 of the Bible, it says, "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good."

One of the latest examples of a corrupt America is evident when you see what happened in the case where concerned American Christians videotaped those involved in the sale of human baby body parts. One of the investigators was indicted and threatened with a 20-year imprisonment.

Meanwhile those who were doing "abominable works" weren't touched. Apparently, the ungodly law, passed and re-approved, by this nations' top court, is so revered, that there is no oversight whatsoever on those practicing this terrible inhumane injustice.

Yes, America, we are not only committing a crime against God, we are committing a heinous crime against humanity.

And yes, senators and congressmen/women, you could have stopped it in 1973, and even now, if you have the guts to stand on God's word. And his word is "Thou shalt not kill," and he is talking about the innocent, not the murderers.

So ask the present sitting Supreme Court justices to reverse or annul Roe v. Wade and to vote on it within three months. Those judges who vote to continue the murdering of unborn babies are disobeying god's law, and therefore, not "holding their offices in good behavior."

Meanwhile, start impeaching those justices who completely disregarded God's laws by approving same-sex marriage. They not only threw your law out, but also completely disregarded "the will of the people." Wake up, America!
Manuel Ybarra Jr.
Coalgate, Okla.