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Levi Rounds: Controlled Heckling

Saturday Oct. 2 @ Bar Deluxe



City Weekly Artys Awards Stand-up Comedian winner Levi Rounds clearly has a fan base for his often-caustic social-commentary humor. But maybe those fans have always wondered, “Where the hell did you come up with that?” And, now, they get a chance to ask.

Tonight, Rounds and fellow comics Christopher Stephenson and Arthur Carter will perform stand-up at Bar Deluxe, but it’s going to be stand-up with a twist: After the performers complete their set, audience members—armed with their own cordless microphones—will get a chance to quiz, challenge, compliment or otherwise interact with the comedians about their material. “No belittling the crowd, and none of the nonsense heckling that sometimes happens in a bar atmosphere,” promises Rounds, “just genuine questions about how the comic came to feel this way about whatever subject they may be talking about.” It’s the kind of innovative approach to comedy that could give a guy a leg up on a repeat Artys victory in 2011.

Levi Rounds: Controlled Heckling @ Bar Deluxe, 668 S. State, 801-532-2914, Oct. 2, 10:30 p.m., free.