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Liberal Boot-Licking Lackeys



A recent letter in City Weekly by the infamous “Casino” Jack Abramoff was some of the most humorous, knee-slapping fiction I have read in months [“Washington Needs a Utah Hero,” April 19].

It is true that lobbyists are bad and need to go away, but does anyone think a corrupt individual like Casino Jack has actually changed and become a hallmark for truth, justice and the American way?

Where are all of these socialists he and the right-wing talk shows always dredge up to instill fear and loathing in their less-than-informed audience? Was it socialists who caused the great recession of 2008? No, it was pure, unregulated, slash & burn capitalism. This country has been run exclusively by corporations/banks for the past 30 some-odd years, ever since the sometimes cruel but always befuddled Ronnie Reagan sat in the Oval Office. And they never would have allowed any liberal or socialist near the place. Keep in mind that Bill Clinton was not a liberal or even a Democrat by any real definition of the term.

And this nonsense about the 17th Amendment—what does that have to do with anything? It sounds like the incoherent ranting and raving of Glenn Beck.

The reason this country is in such a precipitous situation is because corporations/banks ran it into the ground in 2008 because of pure greed and a lack of any kind of regulation.

The crooks who nearly toppled the world economy in 2008 were bailed out with billions of taxpayer dollars, then allowed to go on their merry way and are back at it this minute with no stipulations to curb their greedy, immoral and criminal behavior.

There haven’t been any viable socialists, liberals or progressives in this country in decades. Those calling themselves liberals are merely boot-licking lackeys who went along with everything G.W. Bush decided to do, e.g., immoral and illegal war, torture, extraordinary rendition, spying on U.S. citizens and a host of other nightmarish decisions—they are not liberals. The corporations/banks and their right-wing minions tolerate these fake liberals only because it gives all the dummies out there the illusion that there are two sides, Fox News and MSNBC.

We all know what would happen if the state of Utah were to actually receive control of all public lands. It would immediately be divvied up among the Mormon church and other corporate, capitalist ventures, no doubt including Casino Jack and some of his buddies, and be developed into ugly, overpriced, chipboard & stucco subdivisions and tacky strip malls with a Mormon church thrown in every three blocks or so. No tourist would then have a reason to come here. Utah would become a vast, very un-scenic, corporate wasteland.

Daniel Fjeld