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Life's Inconveniences



When was the last time someone inconvenienced you?

Lindsay Fenton: Right now I’m living in a hotel because the elderly man who lives above me caused a massive, disastrous flood this weekend. I’ll be out of my house for the rest of the week, and the damage to my condo is thousands of dollars. How did I react? I pretty much hate everyone right now and will bitch to anyone who will listen. Which isn’t so different from how I usually am ...

Scott Renshaw: I’m inconvenienced by other people’s behavior all the time. The trick is not living as though you are owed an absence of inconvenience. Exception: Idiotic “ooh, I’m in such a hurry” drivers who weave through traffic can suck it.

Paula Saltas: The last time the ghost writer of my staff box answers didn’t come up with anything and left me hanging. He’s been dealt with, Greek-mafia style.

Susan Kruithof: This afternoon. Server at lunch did not manage to come over to take our order for 15 minutes, and only then because we went up to get her. Then I had to wait on my Diet Pepsi for another 10 minutes. And, of course, no check until we—once again—went up to ask for it. And I tipped like normal! I suck.

Rachel Piper: Last week, I ordered takeout for lunch and got a naan basket because I was starving and wanted to eat a million garlic naans. But I didn’t have time to eat any of my takeout before I had to run to a meeting, and when I came back, the sole garlic naan had been ripped in half and partially eaten by Colin Wolf.

Kolbie Stonehocker: I’m in an eternal battle with the person who keeps closing the two doors of my apartment building that lead outside—my cat has to get back inside somehow!