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Liquor Stranglehold


Great column [“Medical Alert,” May 26, City Weekly]. Doesn’t John Saltas’ head hurt from banging it against the wall, though? The church rules in Utah.

When I left Salt Lake City in 1970 for California, the population was smaller, with Mormons being the more predominant. When I returned in 2002, there were fewer Mormons, percentage-wise, but their stranglehold on the state had increased considerably. And they are not letting go, but with their propensity for money, you would think that they would want to increase the availability of their biggest moneymaker (other than taxes).

Sam Granato was the best thing that happened to the liquor commission. He understands business, but his hands are tied. I guess we all can look forward to more taxes in order to feed the children of Utah.

I guess another option would be to move.

Terry Pantuso
Salt Lake City

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