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Little Time - Big Impact



Want to make a BIG impact locally with animals, without spending a dime or even a lot of time? Volunteer at your local animal shelter & walk a dog. That’s it! And, if you have time - walk two dogs, or three dogs. Sounds easy, right? So, how does this make a big impact?

There was a study done by the University of Colorado in 2006 to record stress levels of dogs in a shelter environment. They found out something amazing:

Dogs that received 45mins of human interaction had lower stress levels for 3 days afterwards.

That’s a big impact! And, there’s more – Dogs with lower stress levels have a greater chance of being adopted, they are also healthier & happier animals. Not only will you be helping a shelter dog, but I also think you’ll find some pretty amazing benefits for yourself. The sun on your face, some fresh air, a happy tail-wag to greet you & maybe even a doggy kiss or two.

Contact your local shelter or animal control and find out about volunteer opportunities close to you. The shelter dogs will thank you!

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