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Local Columnists


Do you read any local columnists? Why or why not?

Kolbie Stonehocker: Without The Only TV Column That Matters™, I wouldn’t know what to watch on TV. Or have validation for my Supernatural addiction.

Paula Saltas: Outside of our wonderful staff, I am very amused by Robert “Mormon of all Faiths” Kirby. He makes me chuckle.

Scott Renshaw: Columns are just people spouting out “opinions” informed by their “expertise” intended to make us “think.” To that I say, “Good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY.”

Rachel Piper: I used to read the Standard-Examiner’s Mark Saal religiously. When I was in high school working at Target he came through my check-out line and I introduced myself. It was an incredibly awkward encounter, and out of shame I’ve since scaled back my devotion.

Bryan Mannos: Does the crossword count?

Susan Kruithof: I read Bill Frost’s Ocho every week. Funny shit, that. He’s the best columnist in Utah, you know.

Erik Daenitz: I read Gordon Monson all the time so I can point and laugh.

Jerre Wroble: I read all the columnists in City Weekly: John Saltas, D.P. Sorensen, John Rasmuson, Kathy Biele, Ted Scheffler, Wina Sturgeon and now Bryan Schott. Beyond these pages, I often read the Trib’s Paul Rolly for general punditry. A click on Bob Bernick’s political columns at UtahPolicy.com can be educational. And a little of SLUG’s Mike Brown is good for the soul.

Pete Saltas: I read all of John Saltas’ columns. If not, all hell would break loose on the homefront.