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Losing Our Voice


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While most eyes were on Washington and health care, the Legislature of Utah was very busy taking away our rights. It started by taking away citizen protection against a felon buying a Utah gun in Utah. And, of course, it will never leave Utah.

It took away citizen rights to clean air and gave it to the polluters. Just don’t breathe on a red day.

It took away the citizens’ right to determine ethics and financing for the Legislature.

It made an ethics committee of like-minded politicians, so it will never change.

It will now call citizens and browbeat them to change their vote for an extra month on any citizens’ initiative. It also changed the rules about removing votes, in order to destroy the Fair Boundaries Initiative.

And now, I expect lawmakers to take away my right to participate in the new health-care system, and spend millions to do it. Are Utah citizens’ rights being lost in order to “protect” states’ rights or politicians’ rights? Have we forgotten “We the People”? Have we forgotten our rights?

Sign the Fair Boundaries Initiative and the Utahns for Ethical Government Initiative. It may be your last opportunity to voice your opinion for yourself.

Eric Wilson
Salt Lake City


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