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Love Those Extraterrestrials


After showing up on the front page of Digg, a social news Website, Carolyn Campbell’s Sept. 24 cover feature “Touched by an Alien” became one of City Weekly’s Top 10 most read cover features online. It also temporarily shut down our server. The print edition similarly vanished from news racks.

What is it about alien stories that brings out readers’ intense curiosity as well as contempt? Online, AnasaziAl proclaimed: “Excellent cover and cover story. However, the comments so far are sad examples of the blind bias and snide attempts at humor this subject usually brings out of dank minds where fear and bigotry rule.”

AnasaziAl was likely referring to Hayduke’s remarks: “People claiming to have been abducted by aliens only to be sexually molested or tortured are either attention-seeking whack-jobs, bored, lonely and just needing somebody to pay attention to them, or are literally sick and need professional medical attention.“

Or Black Mamba’s: “It’s stupid and laughable and only the most childish, desperate individuals who lurk on the edges of life are susceptible.”

Rant Control’s take is this: 1. The subjects for “Touched by an Alien” did not come to us; our writer sought them out, gained their trust and wrote about their experiences. 2. It takes conviction to put one’s self out there (none used pseudonyms or requested anonymity). 3. Grays are good for circulation.