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Make British Petroleum Pay


The Republican Party has created a public forum,, to deal with today’s issues.

I checked out “controlling massive government spending” and was pleased to see a column on the Gulf oil spill. Overwhelmingly, conservatives wrote that BP must pay all costs of the oil spill.

I agree. Unlike a tax by the federal government, people voluntarily chose to purchase fuel from BP. People who don’t like the way BP does business don’t have to purchase their product.

We now know that BP was lax on safety at the Deepwater Horizon, and the cost of clean-up costs is many times more than if BP workers had done their job properly.

This is capitalism at work, and illustrates the difference between business and government. People are free to choose where they buy their gasoline, but are not free to choose where their tax dollars go.

Daniel Barker
Lakeland, Fla.

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