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Make the Jordan a Priority



I, too, grew up on the Jordan River and, like Adriaan Boogaard, am very passionate about it [“River Rats,” June 11, City Weekly]. As the C.O.O. of Canyon Sports, I have set up several events to allow for novice boaters a chance to see the Jordan River from a kayak firsthand.

Most recently, we attended the Utah Outdoor Expo and guided, without fee, more than 50 people on the river—all of whom were novices concerned about the river’s health and future. I will offer the same courtesy by providing equipment to any group that would like to see it for themselves, as we feel experience naturally breeds conservation.

As for the Envision Utah organization, of which I was a loyal participant, I am saddened by its lack of involvement on this key issue. Why would it painstakingly collect the opinions of thousands of concerned citizens if it had no intention of advocating their general consensus?

The rivers in this state need a larger voice to survive the developments that will ensue without regulation. I plead with all concerned citizens to make this a conservational priority, or this waterway will forever be damned by the silence of its impotent advocates.

Kevin Rogers
Canyon Sports
Salt Lake City