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Making Do



I’ve been watching Utah’s clowns of corruption do their annual legislative circle jerk and with all the pontificating about the budget crisis and other sundry hilarity, it sort of left me wondering why the poltroons on Capitol Hill can’t take a pay cut.

You know, the teachers and public employees have to take a pay hit, and Utah’s horribly underinsured have to take a cut, and higher education has to cinch up those budgetary belts and, shoot, just about every Utahn has to take a “little less.”

That being said, on account of the Utah legislators being unable to manage a budget, how a come the imperious lards of Utah hijinxs don’t offer up some serious leadership and skip their paychecks?

I mean, shouldn’t the legislators have to take less? A whole lot less?

Shoot, the Legislature gets to vote themselves raises just about any time that Gov. “Gimme Some” Herbert breaks wind. Utah’s precocious reps get their health care on the public dime; they get those “splendiferous” sky boxes at “Radiation Stadium”; they get wined and dined and pampered deluxe. They get the final say in just about any dang Utah lunacy that Chris Buttars can nightmare up. Why, Utah’s even got that extra-special super-secret “rainy day fund” that no one ever gets to touch or even see.

Nothing will change, and that’s understood. We get to make do with less. Utah legislators will make do with more as long as Utahns pay for it. This is Utah—“Life Elevated” and all that manner of claptrap.

Don Nash