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Male-Dominated Atheism



I was excited to read “Losing Faith: Finding a New Path Without God” [Jan. 12, City Weekly], but disappointed to learn that not a single female voice was represented in the article. Even the photograph featured was of a large group of men.

I understand that atheist women might be fewer in numbers, but we’re not all that hard to find—even in Utah County. I would like to think that our experiences and insights are every bit as valuable as a man’s. I’d be interested in hearing about the experiences of other atheist women, particularly mothers who are working to raise strong, confident, compassionate children free of religion.

Organized religion, historically, has not been completely favorable to women. Reading a story about a male-dominated atheist group felt, somewhat ironically, like more of the same.

Amy Bjorge

Editor’s note: “Losing Faith” did quote one woman, who asked to remain anonymous. A woman was also pictured in the group photo.

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