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MediaOne Cost-Cutting



If you were cost-cutting at The Salt Lake Tribune, what would you cut?

Jeremiah Smith: Dean Singleton. That guy has to be the biggest waste of that paper’s resources.

Annie Quan: Editorial. I would just turn the whole thing into an advertising mailer like their Utah Now piece that sits in your mailbox every Monday.

Christopher Westergard: I would fire the entire staff of In Utah This Week and hire robots (except Sarah Nielson, ’cause she is kinda nice).

Nick Clark: Dean Singleton. Then “Family Circus.” They’re both stupid.

Julie Erickson: I would start with the decision maker who chose to backslap every Realtor advertising in the Tribune. It’s a pretty ballsy move to undercut the people who invest in you.

John Paul Brophy: The Trib already made a foolish cost cut last year when it eliminated the baseball-game wraps, causing my subscription cancellation.

Brandon Burt: The Cal Thomas and Rich Lowry syndicated columns. One’s a purse-lipped fossil, and the other’s an irritating little pipsqueak—and yet they both make livings mindlessly spouting the same tired talking points we could read at any half-baked teabagger Website.

Matt Engle: Sexy in Salt Lake City! Scene in Salt Lake City! Cut it, please—makes me throw up in my mouth with most of their bogus weekly nominations.

Josh Loftin: I would take a hard look at how the newspaper still serves its customers and provides value to its readers, and promptly cut those areas by half.