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Men Behaving Badly


Do any men you know behave badly?

Rachel Scott: My brother-in-law. When he drinks too much, his ADHD gets 100 times worse than it is already. It takes a normal person 15 minutes to clean up the kitchen after dinner; it takes him three hours.

Kolbie Stonehocker: It drives me crazy when guys treat their girlfriend/wife like their personal maid. And not only spitting on the ground, but spitting in drinking fountains and leaving it there.

Rachel Piper: Besides the obvious gross acts most males engage in, I hate the heavy mouth-breathing middle-age men do. It’s hard to keep myself from screaming when I hear that sound. Luckily, no one in my family is guilty of it.

Becca Andrus: I once dated a guy who ate popcorn loudly when we were at the movies.  He also chewed all food with his mouth open.  Needless to say, I had to dump him for this.  I cannot handle a noisy or sloppy eater, no matter how hot they are.

Scott Renshaw: We just can’t stop leaving that toilet seat up, amirite ladies? And that whole cuddling thing? Please! And can you stop talking to me while I’m trying to watch sports? Thanks, you’ve been a great crowd!

Nick Clark: If I knew of any men behaving badly, I would have gotten right back to you. Now if it were about women ... my answer would have been long and laden with stories of mai tais and cheap cigarettes.

Bryan Mannos: We all do. …  Most annoying is the promise to quit behaving so.

Dan Nailen: Yes. Finishing the bottle of whiskey while I’m not looking.