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Metal Tiger Beat, Uh, New Year

We're back—this time asking local musicians about the new year.


  • Jed Pearson

Are you still sweaty and panting from reading last week's take-no-prisoners local music holiday Q&A? Slap yourselves in the face or dump your coffee in your lap or something. The refractory period is over and it's time for a second round of probing, wherein our panel answers tough questions on the touchy subject of New Year's Eve and/or Day. Is it possible to predict one's future with a morning-after forensic examination of their stomach contents? Who's the ugliest person they've woken up with on New Year's Day? Are they gonna call? Will they ever see them again? We didn't ask those questions, but we did ask other, more tame ones—because inquiring minds wanna know, and end-of-year fatigue is a thing.

How do you spend New Year's Eve? If you often gig on that night, do you still do something after the show?
Sarah Pendleton, SubRosa: I don't think I've ever played a show on New Year's Eve. I'm usually tied up.

David Halliday: The best part of any big gig is the after-hang with the band. On New Year's Eve 2013, I played in Fort Worth, Texas, with Party Crashers. After the gig, I made a beat on my laptop and several of us took turns rapping over it. Hilarity ensued. Our raps aren't for public consumption, but the SLCGP has a loyal underground following (ha-ha).

Jon Olschewski, Stonefed: I am almost always gigging for New Year's Eve, maybe one off in the last 18 years. I do go out after the show and party. Stonefed plays with Badfeather in Park City this year at O.P. Rockwell, so I'll get to do both with the co-bill. I was in Vietnam a few years ago and spent NYE on an island in Cambodia drinking with Russians. We colluded.

Tom Larsen, Major Tom & the Moonboys: I usually spend New Year's Eve kinda pissed and bummed that no one asked my band to play for New Year's Eve. If they ever do, the after-show escapades will be epic—4 a.m. breakfast at Village Inn! Coffee's on me!

Sofia Scott, Shecock & The Rock Princess: I've never gigged for NYE. I always have to work. Though, I am fortunate enough to attend a private party every year.

What's the latest you've ever awakened on New Year's Day?
SP: I think around noon—because brunch!

DH: That's a good question, but I don't know the answer.

JO: Probably around 4 p.m. It was a giant bash in Castle Valley, 20 miles outside of Moab. We were deep-frying a turkey and drinking keg beer at 10 a.m. on New Year's Day.

TL: Well, there was the time of the "painful Easter Bunny" episode where I was crawling around on hands and knees trying to buck up for some sorta brunch thing. Then I realized it was New Year's Day and—uh, never mind. It's complicated.

SS: It's a sin to wake up before at least noon on New Year's Day. But don't sleep too late because brunch.

What is your New Year's resolution?
SP: I would like to put the finishing touches on my army of assassin robots. At final deployment, they will be equipped to destroy those of the undead who have taken up seats in the government.

DH: My New Year's resolution is to take more time for myself. It's easy for musicians to get sucked into the many opportunities that present themselves to us, but at a certain point, we simply run out of time and then nothing is fun. That happened to me this year. Never again!

JO: I think it will be (I'm not 100 percent sure), to quit ice cream and hit the hikes more. Just to be fit and in shape for the Alps.

TL: To continue to never come up with a precious and clever (and guaranteed-to-fail) New Year's resolution.

SS: To exercise and eat healthy. Basic white girl shit.

What's your record for keeping a resolution? How long did you stick it out?
SP: The beauty of using an impossibly long construction project as your resolution is that you can procrastinate, get distracted, and even black out frequently. It's called "planning" or "thinking."

DH: Oh man, I'm not much of a New Year's resolution keeper, with the exception of the one I mentioned for 2018.

JO: I think we all use [resolutions] as a propellant for getting the idea out there, but the desire to actually follow through must be true. I'll say half-and-half.

TL: I have a perfect record for keeping resolutions, since I've never made one. Seriously, I try to live every day as if it were the last. And the first.

SS: Who keeps New Year's resolutions anyway? I think I kept one up once for a whole year not ever pissing in urinals. (You know; splashback!) I'm sure I cheated, though. What are you gonna do?