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Tuesday-Night Metrocade



You know the feeling. You’re at home playing video games, and you decide you should probably go out and socialize. However, as soon as you get to the bar, you wish you were back home playing video games. Dammit, is nothing easy? Thankfully, Metro Bar (540 W. 200 South) has decided to finally fuse your club- going tendencies with your gaming addiction: a new night appropriately dubbed Metrocade. Every Tuesday, DJ Toboggan offers up some dancey tunes and hosts an evening of video-game tourneys suitable for Fred Savage in The Wizard. One can expect plenty of Wii bowling, Mortal Kombat and Mario Kart, just to name a few. Get your power stance ready for a Rock Band tournament and costume contest Oct. 23. While you’re there, sip on a $6 pitcher of pumpkin beer or throw back a couple $3 fireball or Jim Beam shots.


The Cardigans could be heard softly in the distance.
Melisa Bartoon, Brittney Shields


Lower that eyebrow … and the other one.
Becca Ann, DJ Toboggan


You’re out of your element.
Katherine Veeder


They said I could be anything, so I was a hipster Jedi.
John Malaer

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