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Mike Lee Isn't the Only Clown



I truly don’t understand all the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth over Mike Lee [“Clowns Aplenty,” Oct. 17, City Weekly].

The dude is just carrying water for the Republican Party. And to those who beg to differ, riddle me this, Batman: Why isn’t/weren’t Orrin Hatch, Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, Jason Chaffetz and Jim Matheson on the local and cable news every single day, denouncing Mike Lee’s actions?

As to whether Mike Lee is a clown, well, he seems no different than any of the other Utah politicians climbing out of that little red right-turning car. And truth be told, he’s only beholden to the voters of his district, gerrymandered though it may be. For which, of course, we can thank those revered statesmen and stateswomen in the Utah Legislature who, of course, never engage in idiot-ology lawmaking.

And although I’m not embarrassed by Mike Lee or the Utah Legislature or any Utah politician, I do have a healthy disdain for pretty much all of them.

But, then again, they’re not really the problem. Those kudos go to the real bozos in this clown show: the Utah electorate.

And there have been, what, 18 other government shutdowns? This is just another episode of Congress at work. Enjoy the show, people. You’re responsible for the content.

South Salt Lake