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Have you experienced a miracle?

Ted Scheffler: I know it sounds corny, but I experience a miracle every time I encounter my son, Hank.

Bryan Mannos: The family I’ve been given, the friends I have made and the few I have loved. These are the closest I’ve come to a miracle.

Wallace Greenwell: I once heard a Republican say something intelligent ... does that count?

Scott Renshaw: We’ve cheapened the word through overuse. It’s not the occurrence of the improbable and/or difficult, like the Chilean miners’ rescue or an underdog sports team victory. So when I see something that doesn’t fit that description, I’ll get back to you.

Nick Clark:
When she said “I do.”

Susan Kruithof: The world is a wonder, but what happens in it is just chance and circumstance. Miracles imply something supernatural or something from up above, and I believe the wonder is all around us and in us.

Derek Carlisle: I parked and watched a man in a purple jumpsuit do the robot at the crosswalk the other day repeatedly at the will of the “walk” light cue. “Wow,” I thought, “that could be me.”

Jesse Fruhwirth: Either everything down to the last electron in the universe is a miracle, or nothing is, not even yucky childbirth. Take your pick.

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It's a Miracle: Father Michael Kouremetis proclaims a miracle. Ok.

Josh Loftin: Watching Brian Wilson strike out Ryan Howard to send the San Francisco Giants to the World Series constitutes a minor miracle, at least for me.

Lia Pretorius: Miracle? Luck? Coincidence? Doesn’t matter to me what you call it or how you perceive it. I only know that I am extremely fortunate and for that I am humbled and eternally grateful.

Pete Saltas: The miraculous experiences that came to mind first were all the times I’ve escaped the grasps of Johnny Law. Message: Don’t fuck with the po-leece.