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Miss City Weekly 2010: Drew Landerman



"It" was born and raised in picturesque suburban Sandy, UT - youngest child of 6 from your "typical conservative Mormon household."

"It" began gaining notority in SLC's underground nightlife scene in 1996 - decked out in outragious DIY fashions: this sharp-tounged / quick-witted club kid ferociously worked it out on the dancefloor nightly. However, that was not enough - there had to be something more...

Over the years "it" has spotted constantly causing a scene, maintaining the ability to turn heads, and make innocent standers-by question their reality. what exactly defines "masculine" and what makes something "feminine" -- the lines are obviously blurred.

Drew Landerman is always changing, while challenging gender sterotypes. and re-defining "drag" in "it's" own unique way.