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Miss City Weekly 2011: Nikki James


"Hello my name is Nikki James my real name is Nikolas, I’m 21 years old. and i grew up in a small town called Heber. Heber is a very closed minded place but personally i love it because i feel like it was the starting point for me in becoming a drag queen, without the negative and the positive from that place i wouldn’t be where i am today. Aside from that i feel like my friends and family have been the biggest help in discovering who i really am without them i would still be a confused little boy. Thanks to them and all of their support a beautiful queen has been born. I have been doing drag for maybe 3 years now and i love doing it, it lets me really express myself through fashion and makeup and performing. I love art in all of it’s aspects, whether its expressed through dancing or on a canvas so performing as a drag queen is perfect for me. I will work my heart out to make my show the best it can be!"


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